Simply Sane – Fashion V 2.0

Bangalore has an interesting and growing community of conscious consumers. And the latest addition to the conscious fashion scene is SimplySane – a community platform which enables its users to share, sell, buy and borrow their pre-loved fashion pieces easily.

Simply Sane founder Runjhun Pacholi describes in her own words ” the idea was born out of the frustration and guilt of seeing beautiful fashion pieces going waste because either I couldn’t fit into them or could not repeat them or just didn’t come around to using them. Staring back from my closet was an omnipresent liability which exists in every wardrobe. After all we all tend to have a set of clothes that we don’t seem to really use! If only we could come together and solve this for once and all… Enter SimplySane – fashion’s new version! You see, what seems like your problem can become my solution. The dress you can’t fit into can be my Savior for an office party, the saree that I can’t repeat can be your flaunting piece at a friend’s wedding. SimplySane is a community platform which enables its users to share, sell, buy or borrow their like-new fashion pieces with each other easily. In doing this, we make money, save money and do it in a completely environmentally friendly way Cant ask for more, can we”

We wish the team all the best and hope many women across India embrace the idea of conscious fashion 🙂