7 reasons why it is so hard to be “conscious” about our consumption

Around this time last year, all of us at Ecofolk, started a journey towards being more conscious consumers. And in 1 year, we have realized that it’s extremely hard to change any behavior, but even harder to change behaviors related to our consumption patterns. Here are 7  insights from our journey on why it is so damn difficult to be “conscious” consumers.

1. Advertising provokes the “desire” to consume


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2.The consumption society defines identity strongly based on consumption.


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3.It is difficult for consumers to define their real “needs”


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4.The profit logic for companies is based on excessive consumption.


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5.Emerging countries and new segments of consumers are coming to the market and saying “it is our turn to consume”


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6. Consumers think of individual companies producing products and services and not supply chains.


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7. Consumers don’t think that the consumption of one individual can have a significant impact on society and the environment

''Live simply so that others may simply live?' Cute, but what's my motivation?'
”Live simply so that others may simply live?’ Cute, but what’s my motivation?’

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But But But…

Like there is light at the end of every tunnel, there is some good news for Conscious Consumption!  Which is why Team Ecofolk is super-excited about the work that we do 🙂 In our next post we will share 7 ways in which conscious consumption is becoming desirable to people!

Hansika Singh,the writes of this article, is a part of Team Ecofolk. She is passionate about sustainable fashion and is working to create a range of conscious-clothing for women. Feel free to share your thoughts about this article with Hansika and the rest of the team at ecofolkteam@gmail.com.