5 ways in which you can become a conscious consumer

The one thing that we get asked a lot about, is what are some easy ways in which an individual can start their journey towards conscious consumption. We have combined a handy list for all our eco-ninja’s here.
Step 1: BYO

Ban single life products from your life – Bring Your Own.No more polybags for grocery shopping – Bring your own bag to the store. No more buying bisleri and aquafina disposable bottles – Bring your own water bottle.No more drinking tea, coffee and water in paper cups – Bring your own tumbler. No more sneezing in tissues – Bring your own kerchief. And demand your favorite places to start incentivizing people who bring their own.

Step 2: Know thy Dose
The father of toxicology Paracelsus said “poison is in everything and no thing is without poison. The dose makes it either a poison or a remedy”. 5 actions that can help you limit the dose of potential toxins:-
  • Brathe Clean air – use a mask in polluted areas or when working with chemicals.
  • Drink Clean water, use a filter at home and get it maintained frequently.
  • Eat Organic food, and cook at home to reduce your dose of pesticides and food preserving chemicals.
  • Use the Red List to buy personal care products wisely.
  • Wear Organic Clothes to limit the dose of chemicals through the largest organ of your body (skin)

Step 3: Believe that Small is Beautiful
In 1973, EF Shumacher wrote “Small Is Beautiful: A Study of Economics As If People Mattered”.
And it is extremely relevant today. The summary is that modern Economy is unsustainable.
And he makes some “conscious consumption” recommendations to change that :-
  • Use natural resources and fossil fuels like capital, not currency.
  • Prefer locally made products. Share things.
  • Embrace Buddhist economics – consume with acumen, empathy, and restraint
Step 4: Put “out of sight” out of mind
Next time you say the word “waste” – bite your tongue.The endless resourcefulness of things in the world, start with your dustbin.Compost the wet waste, recycle the dry waste & up-cycle the “still in good condition” trash.
Step 5: Practice Mindfulness
Ask questions about why you do the things that you do. Seek answers. Then, make it a timeless practice.
All of us at the Ecofolk team have started following these 5 steps. And we will keep sharing our stories here. We hope these are the first 5 steps in everybody’s journey to a more sustainable tomorrow šŸ™‚

Hansika Singh,the writer of this article, is a part of Team Ecofolk. She is passionate about sustainable fashion and is working to create a range of conscious-clothing for women. Feel free to share your thoughts about this article with Hansika and the rest of the team at ecofolkteam@gmail.com.