7 ways in which conscious consumption is becoming desirable to people

In our last article we discussed how some external influences make it hard to practice conscious consumption. And we also said that there is good news because following are the 7 ways in which conscious consumption is becoming increasingly desirable to you and me:-

1. Consumers are not happy with a “work-too-much-to-consume-too-much” type of life.

live to consumer

2. Consumers start to realize that products become obsolete the moment they are bought

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3. Consumers start to realize that to base their identities on consumption and brands is very fragile

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4. Consumers start to realize that happiness and consumption do not walk together.

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5. Consumers are discovering the goodness in locally produced, superior quality alternatives.


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6. Journalists are part of the “work-too-much-to-consume-too-much-society” and are also getting tired of it.

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7. Indebtedness related to consumption is becoming a nightmare for consumers.

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In our next article, read about 5 easy steps that will help you start your journey to become a conscious consumer.

Hansika Singh,the writes of this article, is a part of Team Ecofolk. She is passionate about sustainable fashion and is working to create a range of conscious-clothing for women. Feel free to share your thoughts about this article with Hansika and the rest of the team at ecofolkteam@gmail.com.