Say Hi to the Eco-Friendly Cab Service – Lithium!


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Have you ever wondered what is the environmental footprint of all cars on the road? It’s not hard to imagine, that with the boom of cab-aggregator startups in India, we have many more cars on the road now, than ever before resulting in much more air pollution and Carbon footprint. However, the new Cab service – Lithium – is here to give us a breath of fresh air, quite literally.

Lithium Cabs is set out to bring green public transportation to India with electric vehicle cabs. Started by Sanjay Krishnan the ex-CEO of Meru Cabs, Lithium was born with the idea of negating both fuel costs and the degradation to the environment brought on by hydrocarbon cabs.

“India as a country has the maximum difference between the pricing of hydrocarbon and electricity. Therefore, India as a starting ground for such an idea is great,” adds Sanjay. Lithuim has also tie-ups with several car making companies to set in their software and hardware in their cars, it will also have charging stations inside the tech companies.

Bangalore is one of the cities where lithium will start its operations and team Ecofolk is looking forward to get into one of these things soon enough 🙂

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