Here’s Why Bangalore Gets High On Sustainability!

Every few months, a bunch of Bangaloreans gather at The Humming Tree with animated discussions around the pressing issues we face. People from all walks of life come together to discuss, listen, connect and collaborate. Not just an ordinary meet with all and sundry, but proactive people and inspiring discussions. This is Sustainability Drinks Bangalore (SDB). Here’s a lowdown of why you should be a part of it.

Take a deep dive

SDB convenes thought leaders, experts and practitioners during each of their editions to talk on a specific challenge they are trying to work on. So far we have covered topics like growing your own food, architecture, circular economy, etc. with speakers from around the globe. For the next event, happening on 27th september, we have Mr. Manjunath speaking on his venture, Happy Hens around Free Range eggs & Dr. Smitha Kamath talking about Earth’s natural regeneration cycle & much more!

Connect and network

One of our favorite features of the evening is networking breaks. It’s a hit! You have plenty of time to connect with like minded people, converse your hearts out and collaborate! Some interesting partnerships have spawned out of these interesting dialogues. Watch this space for more information on it.


Pitch in with your ideas

Along with the theme based talks, SDB also features the much sought after Quick Pitches. With quick pitches, we give you the opportunity to talk about your initiatives and achievements to an enthusiastic and motivated audience, under 3 minutes! Think you have something interesting to share? Write to us.



Sustainability Drinks Bangalore is a bi monthly get-together to promote an active sustainability movement in Bangalore. We host interesting speakers and meet in a cozy, stimulating atmosphere. Everybody is welcome to network over a drink and get new ideas through inspiring talks.

Sustainability Drinks Bangalore is organised by EcoFolk with the help of GreenBuzz Global.

Ecofolk is a citizen led sustainability initiative. We believe that discussions related to sustainability need to become a part of common discourse and collective will of citizens will drive a positive ecology, economy, culture and politics for all.

GreenBuzz is a global, sector-overarching network of sustainability professionals.

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This write-up comes from team #SDB (Sustainability Drinks bangalore) thanks to Dhawal Mane & Neety Rai. Please write to them at for any comments or feedback.