FAQs about Sustainability Drinks Bangalore

What is Sustainability ‘Drinks’ Bangalore?

The conversation around sustainability is not only limited to corporate boardrooms or mass protests. In order to bring more awareness and subsequent action, it should move to other spheres of life as well. With that in mind, Sustainability Drinks Bangalore provides a space for professionals and enthusiasts to network over a drink, connect to like minded individuals and collaborate.

‘Sustainability Drinks’ – isn’t that an oxymoron?

Why to look at drinks in a bad light? It could be a beer, wine, mojito, coffee or a glass of water. Drinks are a medium to bond over. Just like chai.
Let us be more inclusive with our interpretation of the word ‘Drinks’. We would encourage you to look at the drinks menu of our hosting space before to understand the choices you’ve got. 🙂

What objective is Sustainability Drinks Bangalore achieving by conducting events at a regular interval?

As a networking event, we cannot really save x litres of water or mitigate y tonnes of CO2 emissions. However, we convene people who do this on a single platform. The prime objective of SDB events is to increase awareness and collaboration among like minded individuals. Since March 2016 we have connected over 200 people and several partnerships have spawned through this platform. Reach out to us to know more specific details.

Who attends Sustainability Drinks Bangalore?

Sustainability professionals, professionals working in other spheres curious about sustainability or desiring to pivot their careers in this impact space, educators, researchers, conscious citizenry of Bangalore.

Who manages Sustainability Drinks Bangalore?

SDB is managed by a team of volunteers who are passionate about sustainability and pursuing it professionally and/or personally. Attend one of our events to meet with us. We would be happy to have a chat.

What is GreenBuzz, Ecofolk and how are they related to SDB?

GreenBuzz is a global, sector-overarching network of sustainability professionals. GreenBuzz connects people who work in sustainability and have a great passion for sustainable thinking to move their organizations for a better planet.
Ecofolk is a nonprofit that promotes conscious consumerism and sustainable production and consumption. As part of its various outreach activities, Ecofolk in collaboration with GreenBuzz Global brought Sustainability Drinks Bangalore to the city first in March 2016. Since then, events have been conducted keeping relevant local context in mind. There is an overlap among the volunteers working for Ecofolk and SDB.

I attended one of your events themed on circular economy. Why were other issues like renewable, carbon finance, conscious consumption, etc. not talked about?

Sustainability is an umbrella term that includes widely varying, multi faceted and important issues. That said, to bring maximum value to our attendees in a short time, we focus each event (aka Edition) on a particular theme. This helps us convene thought leaders on that particular theme, which in turn increases the quality of interactions among our participants and provides actionable takeaways to them.

If you know of a topic/theme that is important to the city and should be covered in our future Editions, please reach out to us at ecofolkteam@gmail.com.

We are a grass-root organisation, it doesn’t feel right to associate with an event called ‘Sustainability Drinks’. Why should we participate?

You have been invited to the event because your work and beneficiaries are at the grassroots. Your story is important for people who don’t know the specific issue you work on or demographic you work with, but are looking for causes to help out with. We have seen in our past events how engaging with a diverse audience can lead to many positive outcomes for an organisation – like finding volunteers for work that requires a specific skill set, getting important feedback or connections to advance your work and generally changing perceptions about the complexities involved in solving multifaceted problems that most work in social and environmental sustainability entails. We are trying to break out of a tendency to define issues and solutions as singular narratives and your participation helps us do that.




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  1. […] Sustainability Drinks Bangalore (SDB) are monthly get-togethers to promote an active sustainability movement in Bangalore. We host interesting speakers and meet in a cozy, stimulating atmosphere. Everybody is welcome to network over a drink and get new ideas through inspiring talks. Organizer of Sustainability Drinks is Ecofolk, an organization that works in creating awareness around conscious consumption in India. Starting March 2016 SDB has covered topics such as conscious living, sustainable architecture, circular economy, free range living and activism. The event has connected over 200 professionals and enthusiasts from the city and continues to create a space for like-minded people to collaborate. Have questions? Get them answered. […]

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